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Bike Storage Made Easy…

Bike Storage made easy garageflex bike rack

When it comes to bike storage, there are a lot of options on the market.  Some are simple and cheap, others are more expensive but look better and provide a higher quality option.  Here’s a quick run down of some ideas to get your bikes off of the floor and onto the wall, whether it be your garage, shed, basement or lounge!

Bike Nook

For a very simple solution with no installation required the Bike Nook looks like a good option.  It stores your bike up against the wall, freeing up space instantly. It is safe and secure, and great for all bikes as the base expands for any size tread. 

Bike Storage made easy garageflex bike nook


Sports Velo Column 2 Bike Storage Rack

This option, available from Wiggle, is a spring loaded column which extends up to 10 feet and fits to the floor and ceiling.  It can hold two bikes or four with optional add-on and can be purchased direct for £161.99.

Bike Storage Made Easy Garageflex Velo Wiggle

Outdoor options

Asgard offer insurance approved cycle sheds, shelters and lockers that can be kept outside to keep your bikes secure.  Available in a variety of options from £525.

Bike storage made easy garageflex asgard

Wall Mounted Vertical Bike Rack

Can be wall mounted in your garage, shed or basement, the Garageflex Vertical Bike Rack neatly stores your bikes on the wall.  Each rack can take two bikes and fits to the garage (or shed or basement) wall via our easy to fix FlexiPanel or FlexiTrack.  Available from our DIY store from £64. 

Bike storage made easy garageflex vertical bike rack


Wall Mounted Horizontal Bike Rack

Again, this can be wall mounted and consists of a rack which holds one bike plus a shelf and hooks for holding other bits and bobs.  This rack gets mounted to your garage wall using FlexiTrack or FlexiPanel Available from our e-store from £86.38.

Bike storage made easy garageflex horizontal bike rack

Ceiling Options

If you want to use the underused ceiling space then you could buy the CycleGlide which allows you to store several bikes in this space.

Bike storage made easy garageflex bike rack ceiling


Or you could the try the Garageflex Double Point Hoist which uses pulleys to mount the bike on your ceiling.  This starts at just £138 from our e-store.

Bike Storage made easy garageflex bike rack celing hoist

This should give you some options to ponder but you could also look at a similar blog by our friends over at Cycleplan.  Their article features some very interesting and innovative ideas for storing your bikes, including the bucket shaped “Solo” by Cycloc, the Airlock by Hiplock and the Clug by Hornit.  To read more of their great article, click here.

Please note that where we have mentioned specific products, we are not endorsing them only sharing them as ideas for you to decide what works best for you.  Happy cycling and storing!

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