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Garageflex introduce a new Mobile Showroom and Trailer

As well as a Showroom at our Headquarters in Medmenham, Buckinghamshire and a new one at Avon Garage Doors, we have also introduced a new Mobile Showroom Trailer to showcase our products.  This Trailer who we have christened Tilly, is fitted out as a garage with our products to give customers a real understanding of how their own garage could look when fitted out. 

First of all

We started out with a blank canvas as you can see in the image below.

Garageflex Mobile Showroom and Trailer


Next we started the fit out

In order to get it ready for The London Classic Car Show, the team got to work fitting it out with FlexiPanel.  This is our wall panelling and forms the basis of our fitted garage system.  Our professional fitters, Nigel and Marc, got out in the cold air of January to clad the walls and ceiling ready for all accessories to be added.

Garagelex Trailer gets fitted out by fitters

Then comes the Resin Floor

The next step was to install the flooring.  Our Resin Floor installers visited our Head Office where Tilly was parked and commenced the four step process of laying the Rein Floor.  As you can see in the image below, it starts with laying the colour which is rolled on to create a smooth finish, next the flake is scattered and then finally a sealant is laid to keep it in place.

    Garageflex Trailer gets a Resin Floor

Its time to add storage accessories

Thirdly we started to add in storage accessories.  Items such as Bike Racks, Cabinets, Golf Racks and Shelves so that it really does look like a proper garage.  Perhaps without the nice piece of cardboard we were using to walk in and out!

Garageflex Mobile Showroom and Trailer


Next up its the Branding

Finally the team at Creative Signs and Graphics Limited came over to ‘brand’ Tilly with our logo and key messages.  Adding in branded panels to the outside and inside of the trailer.


The Result

We are delighted with how it all turned out.  And it was time for Tilly’s maiden outing to the London Classic Car Show.  It was a fantastic four days with plenty of interest in the Garageflex products and we think Tilly did rather well.

#TillyTheTrailer Garageflex attend the London Classic Car Show

Tilly can next be seen at The Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show at Sandown Park on 1-2 July 2017.  And then next we will be taking her to The Silverstone Classic on the 29/30/31 July.  If you have any questions about our mobile showroom or where Tilly will be going, please do get in touch at info@garageflex.co.uk or on 01491 579975. #TillyTheTrailer

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