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Welcome to Garageflex – Double Your House for Half the Money

feature on Double Your House for Half the Money (2)

We were delighted to be featured on the hit Channel 4 show Double Your House for Half the Money with the fabulous Sarah Beeny.

Back in early 2014 we were approached by RedHouse TV to see if we were interested in taking part in the show as they had a garage makeover they wanted to include as part of a new episode. The garage owner wanted to make his garage into more of a ‘man cave’ space to store all his tools, tidy up the kids toys and generally create a nicer place to be.

So in Spring 2014 our team of fitters arrived on site to create the owners dream garage which took about a week to complete. We panelled all three garage walls, installed grey interlocking floor tiles and added in plenty of storage such as wall cabinets, hooks, shelves and racks to complete the look.

The owner’s response was that it was perfect for his requirements, he was able to keep everything stored safely away from the kids and find what he needed at the right time. In essence, it suited his lifestyle down to a T.

“Now I can come in here at 7, be out of here by 7.15 with all the gear I need. So I don’t have to rummage around finding things”. Mr Jim Johal, garage owner.

Sarah Beeny said it was a “State of the Art garage” with “ample storage for Jim’s worktools and the family bikes”.

View the Double Your House clip featuring Garageflex


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