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Garage Ceiling Storage Solutions

  • Create a bright white ceiling that bounces light around your garage

It is easy to store bulky or out of season items on your garage ceiling

We don’t need access to seasonal items such as Christmas decorations or garden furniture all year round so they are ideal candidates to store on the ceiling. In addition, items that are bulky such as ladders, timber or pipework can also be kept safely out of the way by introducing some ceiling storage into your garage.

On this page, we will focus on the storage accessories available for your garage ceiling but if you want to add wall storage or a floor, then pop over to our Complete Garage Makeover page.

Ceiling storage can be included as part of our Design & Install service or you can buy from our e-store to fit yourself. Options include Storage Racks for boxes, hoists for bikes and canoes, and a range of hooks for ladders, timber and pipework. Whatever you want to store on your ceiling, we can help.

All of these items can be used on a stand-alone basis but to make it even more flexible try installing our PowerTrack. This channel is installed to the ceiling allowing hooks and hangers to be moved around without the need for further adhesive, screws or nails.


  • Use the ceiling space for even more storage options
  • White cladding to the ceiling gives a fantastic overall effect and reflects the light
  • We have more than 10 ceiling storage accessories to store bulky or out of season items
  • Install yourself at home or include as part of your garage installation by us
  • Having our PowerTrack installed means you can move hooks and hangers around without the need for nails and screws
  • PowerTrack can be cut to any size you like

The Garageflex E-store lets you buy our products to install yourself at home


Why not take a look at all of the different storage accessories we offer to see what you could store. All products are available as part of our Design & Install service and most of them are also available for DIY installation on our e-store.

If you would prefer to see how ceiling storage can be included in your wider Garage Makeover, click here.


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