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Once you’ve decided that it is time to sort out your garage, your thoughts will probably turn to cost.  To help you understand how our pricing works, we’ve set out the options below. 

These include our Design & Install service where we install everything for you which can range from a complete fit out to just a wall and floor.  Or you can opt for our DIY service where you can buy our products online to install yourself at home.

Option 1: Design and Install by Garageflex

Pricing page from Garageflex - find out how much a garage makeover will cost you

If you were to have a Complete Garage Makeover which includes panel to all walls, a tiled floor and a good range of accessories, the cost will be in the region of:


Single Garage

In the region of £7,000*


Double Garage

In the region of £10,000*


Triple Garage

In the region of £13,000*

* All of these are inclusive of installation, VAT and 10 year warranty.  In addition, a leading broadsheet carried out an “Added Value” survey in which they stated that adding this system to a triple garage increased the value of the home by in excess of £22,000 after a spend of £8,000.

You could spend more

– The cost is increased if you were to have a resin floor, metal cabinets, new garage doors or insulation on top of the standard service.  To discuss your exact requirements drop us a line or give us a call on 01491 579975.

Or less such as one wall and a floor

Garageflex Pricing image part installation case study

– Not everyone wants the Complete Garage Makeover and we respect that.  So we are happy to panel just one wall, not lay a floor, use FlexiTrack instead of FlexiPanel or add in less storage accessories.  Again, get in touch to discuss your exact requirements and we can give you a ball-park figure.  Or if you would prefer an exact quote, one of our Design Consultants can come over to see you. 

What happens during a Garageflex appointment?

To find out more about what happens during a Garageflex appointment with one of our Design Consultants, view the short video below or click here to learn more about  the process.


If you wish to spend less than the figures quoted above then the cost can be reduced by using our FlexiTrack.  These are strips of our panel which can be cut to fit the available space. So rather than cladding the whole wall, FlexiTrack covers a small part of the wall.

FlexiTrack wall storage option from Garageflex

The beauty of FlexiTrack is that you can reduce the cost but retain the flexibility of which storage accessories you can use. The images show how FlexiTrack can be used with many of our storage accessories, you can even put our Cabinets on it.  To find out more about FlexiTrack, click here.

A long wall can be fitted with sufficient FlexiTrack and a good number of cabinets, hooks and shelves at an installed cost of around £1,200.  This also comes with a 10 year warranty and includes VAT.  We recently fitted out a garage just with FlexiTrack and Cabinets, click here to view the case study.

Garageflex FlexiTrack

Garageflex FlexiTrack allows you to many items in a small space.


Option 2: DIY at home

In addition to our Design & Install service, we also offer the opportunity to install our products yourself at home.  Everything from our FlexiPanel to our Floor Tiles can be purchased on our online store to fully or partially fit out your garage.

This option will considerably reduce the above prices as you are not paying for us to professionally design and install it for you.  However, we are very happy to provide assistance and we have a helpful Design Guide that provides tips and guidance on how to do it.  Alternatively, we are very happy to offer advice on your garage if you send us photographs, dimensions and more information about your needs. We will then send back ideas and costings or, for a charge, we can visit and prepare designs for you.

This charge will depend on where in the UK you are located.

Be inspired by what others have created in their garages

Click on the image  below to see more examples of how our customers have created their very own Garageflex storage area at home using our products and their own DIY skills.  The range of options start from adding in a small bit of shelving or a couple of bike racks right up to laying a new tiled floor or installing the complete garage.

Worcestershire DIY Garageflex Case Study






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